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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Shop and Ship?

Shop and ship is a service that takes delivery of your online purchases in London and send them to you at your location. 

How does Shop London work?

My company, ShopLondon, takes delivery of your online purchases in London and send them to you to your location.  All you have to do is register, shop directly with the stores, have your shopping delivered to me and wait for a notification that I have received them and another when your parcel is on its way to you.

If you need me to hold your purchases for a month until you finish to shop, I will gladly do that, rent-free. After 30 days, I will need to charge a small fee of £3 a day to cover the locker cost.

How long does it take to get my orders?

That depends on you. I say 3-5 working days from the day I send your parcel to you. But I am happy to keep your purchases here for a month until you finish to shop, locker rent-free.

What is the ordering process?

1. Register here
2. Shop anywhere online in the UK or start here
3. Enter our London address as your address
4. Wait 3-5 days for your delivery box in your location.


Do you have a catalogue?

No. I don’t own any of the shops I recommend and I do not add any commission. If you love our instagram and inspirational blog, then you will be happy to know that our own store is coming soon so don’t go far.

Can I shop anywhere online or do I have to shop from your website?

Shop absolutely anywhere online. I recommend you use UK-based stores to avoid British duty and taxes fees from parcels imported from China or USA.

Can I buy things outside the UK and ship them to you?

Yes. Please be aware that purchases from China and USA may attract duty clearance charges in the UK that you will need to cover.


How do I pay for my things?

Using your own credit or debit card OR Paypal.

When and how do I pay your fees?

As soon as I receive your parcel, I will send you an arrival confirmation. If you need your box delivered to you right away, I will send you a link to your service and shipping invoice.

If you are doing more shopping, please wait until I have received all your shopping.

How much is your service fee?

To take delivery, store, consolidate, package and deliver your parcel to the courier click here to see our service fees.

I can’t afford your fee! Can you help?

I get you! It’s a tough economy. Yes, I can help you! You do not have to pay our service fee before or immediately after you shop. You have 30 free days after your first package arrives at our address. You can also share our service fee with friends and family shopping in the same timeframe as you. If you would like me to recommend a consignment partner (someone to share the cost of your delivery box from the UK to your location) I would gladly try to help. Please note that with this option you would still need to pay our service fee in full as I am doing the introduction.

I don’t want to expose my bank cards to shops online

I understand. I provide a service called “Buy For Me” where I buy your items for you. To apply for this flexible option, register and fill in the buy for me form in your profile.


I have a friend coming to the UK. Can you take delivery of my shopping and give it to my friend?

Absolutely. I really want to help you! If your friend is in London I can easily arrange for them to pick up your parcel (for additional privacy, I can conceal your shopping in a sealed, tamper-proof, non-see through (opaque) bag from our Kensington, London office. For security & record-keeping, I will need to photocopy a legal form of photo identification such as driving license or passport and they will need to sign for it.

Alternatively, I can post it to their hotel or home using Royal Mail special, signed-for next-day delivery. Just cover the cost.

What is BOXtoNAM?

BOXtoNAM is the cheapest way to ship from the UK to Namibia. At the moment, this service is exclusive only to Namibia. You can save up to 80% with this option because you are sharing the box with others. Your shipment partners won’t see what your items are because everyone’s parcels are sealed in tamper-proof opaque bags. Your shipment is sent to SHOPLondon Windhoek where it is cleared for duties and taxes on your behalf. BOXtoNAM leaves London for Windhoek monthly between the 5th and 12th and again on the 20th and 29th. Actual shipment dates are announced 2 weeks in advance.

What if my order gets lost from the shop to you?

It won’t! In the rare circumstances that it does, I am happy to contact the store/vendor you purchased your items from and ask for proof of delivery, free of charge. Just give me the order numbers. If you are shopping something of high value, please ensure you select the signed-for delivery option and take out appropriate insurance for your parcel.

What if my order gets lost in transit (from you to me)?

It shouldn’t. In the rare circumstances that it does I will follow it up with my shipping network partners free of charge. I advise that you take out full insurance for your parcel in order to qualify for the money-back guarantee service. Our insurance only covers your parcel when it is in our care.

What if there is a problem with my order?

If you give me your order number, I am happy to follow it up for you, free of charge.

How do I know you are not a scam?

Our company is legal and is registered with HM Company House. 

What Taxes do I pay for my parcel in my country?

Every country in the world would normally charge some sort of customs duties and or import taxes and VAT on any goods imported from countries they may or may not have trade agreements with. These customs duties and taxes are usually charged  based on a percentage of the value of goods as declared on their pro-forma or customs invoices. UKtoNAM, SHOPLondon and UKtoME will not charge or pay your taxes and all fully remain your responsibility to settle.

Can you ship elsewhere in the World?

Yes, up until recently we were only shipping to Namibia. But the resounding success of our business has led us to open it up to other countries. So go ahead, shop and I will ship to you no matter where you are.

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