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Shop and Ship Explained

Watch this VIDEO to learn how it works in less than 60 seconds.

We offer you a UK address so you can buy from any online shops. You shop and we ship you one box. Saving you up to 80% in shipping fees.

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How does it work?

Step One



To get started and access your UK London address to take delivery of your shopping

Register Here


Step Two

Shop anywhere online

Shop anywhere online

Shop online from over a thousand UK shops.

If you are not familiar with the British retail market, browse my recommended list of UK shops here.

Step Three

Use your UK address

Use your UK address

Have your items delivered in your name to the London address in your account.

Step Four

Check out

Check out

You have 30 days to complete your shopping, locker-free charge.

A service invoice is sent out shortly before the shipment of your goods. Save up to 80% on your shipping fees with the BOX to NAM service.

Step Five

Ship & Track

Made in Britain box

As soon as your goods leave our warehouse, I will send you a tracking code so that you can monitor your parcel until it’s delivered to you safely.

Thank You For Your Business!

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