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Air Cargo

The most affordable way to ship in bulk, large or odd-shaped items such as suitcases, lighting, furniture or car parts, etc. is via our air cargo service. This shipping method is also the best option if you are shipping for business. Please note that this service has a different delivery address from our express services. To access the address you need to send your goods to you by Air Cargo, complete the form below.


UKtoNAM Air Cargo

  • Takes 4-8 days to get to you.
  • The shipment is part of a weekly consolidation service between Heathrow airport to your country’s international Airport
  • Inventory (Packing list) must be included
  • We can collect your shipment from anywhere in the UK at an additional cost (see rates below)
  • Goods must be suitably packed for transport by air
  • Latest collections by Wednesday for a weekend departure
  • Perfumes, items containing lithium batteries, pressurised cans eg. hairsprays or deodorants are considered dangerous and therefore prohibited.

UKtoNAM Air Cargo Price list (guide for Namibia only – other countries please enquire)

  • Up to 20 kilos – £185.00
  • + 20 kilos – £95.00 PLUS £4.95 PER KILO
  • + 50 kilos – £95.00 PLUS £4.65 PER KILO
  • +100 kilos –£95.00 PLUS £4.35 PER KILO

The price does not include:

  • Clearance and handling fee or handover fee paid to any clearing agent in Windhoek
  • Delivery from Hosea Kutako Airport to any destination.
  • Any customs duty and taxes where applicable


UKtoNAM collection service tariff (applicable if shipping to any country)


  • 1-25 kg £30.00
  • 26-50 kg £35.00
  • 51-75 kg £40.00
  • 76-100 kg £45.00
  • 101-150 kg £50.00
  • 151-200 kg £55.00


  • 1-25 kg £45.00
  • 26-50 kg £50.00
  • 51-75 kg £60.00
  • 76-100 kg £70.00
  • 101-150 kg £85.00
  • 151-200 kg £100.00


  • 1-25 kg £50.00
  • 26-50 kg £60.00
  • 51-75 kg £70.00
  • 76-100 kg £90.00
  • 101-150 kg £100.00
  • 151-200 kg £115.00


UKtoNam Air cargo sea freight

Sea Freight

Some cargo such as for relocation; cars, vans, construction or farm vehicles are best transported in containers on ships by sea. Transporting goods by sea on our network takes about 4-6 weeks.


UKtoNAM Sea Freight

  • Takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive at Walvis Bay Port
  • We’ll obtain the Dangerous Goods Certificate on your behalf
  • Our agents in Namibia are on standby to assist with customs clearance of your shipment at Walvis Bay

Our quote includes:

  • For vehicles: Obtaining the Dangerous Goods Certificate which we will arrange on your behalf
  • Receiving goods at our deport and professionally loading and securing them into the container

Our quote will not include

  • Any customs duties or taxes fees

Please note that Motor Vehicles are governed by The Dangerous Goods Regulations and must contain less than a quarter of a tank of fuel when delivered to us.


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